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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where is the Logic?

I gave myself the name LogicGirl because I think I have led a relatively sane and logical life up till now. I have done all of the logical things that I needed in order to achieve all of the goals that a young intelligent woman like myself was expected to achieve. I have not screwed up my life, have not had a major downfall, nor have I worried my parents and family needlessly. I trod on the logical path.

Then I turned thirty. Maybe it's what the pychologists call a mid-life crisis, but the logical path was not longer appealing. A period of disillusionment surrounded me during which I began to re-assess the logical path I was on, which is where I still am. I created this blog to collate in literary form the changes I was feeling - a place where I can unleash my perspectives and observations, let off some steam, and plan for my future. Perhaps a future on a path less logical.

I have also created three other blogs that reflect my interests, namely, reading, trading, and healthy easy cooking that fits my busy lifestyle.

I hope readers enjoy this blog, as much as I will enjoy writing it.

Quick Facts:

I have always been an ethnic minority wherever I have lived.

I moved to the US 12 years ago for university and I have stayed on.

I have multiple grad degrees, none of which I utilise in my chosen career.

I read myself to sleep every night.

I trade the options and forex markets.

I hate being a slave to the stove, still I cook almost everyday.

I am an intellectual idealist, much to my chagrin.
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